Sunday, November 20, 2016

Are Leggings Still in Style?

As you've likely noticed, leggings have been around for awhile now, but are you wondering if leggings are still in style now that it's almost 2017? Well, the answer is yes! Leggings are actually more popular than ever, because those who jumped on this trend early now think of the legging as a regular wardrobe staple. While, those who thought the trend would fade away are finally testing it out. Either way, leggings are not only comfortable, but they are so versatile, why would anyone want to give it up? I know I don't!

The trick is to buy leggings that are incredibly high quality that you can actually wear them as pants. When leggings first became popular, if you searched How to Wear Leggings, you probably would've been warned to not wear them as pants. I disagree! You really just need to find leggings that are made out of a thicker, non see-through fabric. Leggings are my ultimate go-to Pant Choice for Travelling, so I always look ones that hold their shape and hold me together. With that said, another important trick is to look for a pair that have a wide waistband, because not only is it slimming on the tummy, but it won't cut you off.

The  leggings, featured on the right are incredibly high-quality leggings from HUE. They feature a wide flat waistband, as recommended, which is smoothing on the mid-section. Further, they are made from a stretch, shape-holding and non see-through fabric, so they will hold up as an actual pant. The best part though? They are extremely affordable at around $35.00.

Hue Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is the best watch for fitness?

Recently I've taken a lot more interest in my physical and emotional in I'm eating healthier, taking my vitamins, drinking more water, getting more sleep, walking more and I recently even took up yoga classes (which I love). I think once you get on to the healthy train, you just kinda want to keep going. For me, maybe this sounds weird, but it sorta makes me want to go for my annual (typically dreaded) physical to gauge how well I'm doing. In the meantime though, I've been thinking about getting a Fitbit Watch to not only track my real-time heart rate, but to get a better idea of my quality of sleep. After reading some reviews, it appears as though the Fitbit Watch automatically starts monitoring activities like walking or running and logs them based on both your movement and heart rate. For me, I really do walk a lot, so I would love to know how well I'm doing based on my heart rate. I was thinking about asking for one for Christmas, but I'm not sure I can wait that!
Fitbit Blaze Watch