Saturday, October 25, 2014

Katy Perry Halloween Costume

If you're looking for the perfect Katy Perry Halloween Costume, then you've come to the right place! You can replicate the Katy Perry California Gurls look with the following amazing costumes...

Katy Perry Cupcake Costume Katy Perry Cupcake Costume
Now here's an outfit I've never seen before. A cupcake bra with shorts. Fresh from the music video oeuvre of Katy Perry's California Gurls music video comes the Katy Perry Cupcake Costume. It's everything a young gal needs to defend against the Sugar Daddy or whatever else happens to threaten Candyfornia (cavities, I'd assume). If you're just one of the boys or a teenage dream or would like to live in a world of candy for some reason, then pick up the Katy Perry Cupcake Costume . Someone has to stand up for truth, justice, and kissing a girl and liking it. The Katy Perry Cupcake Costume is the pinnacle of pop music costumes. You won't need to kiss a girl to like this outfit!

Katy Perry California Gurls Cupcake Costume

White Motif Shoes - Costume Shoes White Motif Shoes - Costume Shoes
These Womens White Motif Shoes are a 6 inch stiletto platform slide and feature a clear wide strap at the toes and a lollipop design on the shoe. Very cute shoes and great for a Katy Perry Costume, Crayola Crayon costume or a sexy Clown Costume!

Blue Katy Perry California Gurl Wig Blue Katy Perry California Gurl Wig
If you dig kissing girls, not putting up with bi-polar guys, crazy hair-dos, and Indian weddings with tiger attacks then I've got the wig for you! Our two-piece Blue Katy Perry California Gurl Wig is the ultimate wig for any gal looking to go as a pop star this Halloween! The queen bee of pop singing is now available in coif in the form of Blue Katy Perry California Gurl Wig. If you're into music and/or Halloween costumes or neon future hair, then this is the costume accessory for you. With two wig pieces and a headband, you can show 'em what a California girl is like with the Blue Katy Perry California Gurl Wig.

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